Preakness Stakes Winners

Your Preakness Stakes Winners are Worth More - Guaranteed!

Place your "To Win" wagers at 5Dimes and get the best possible payout. 

Compare the odds for yourself, and then place your Fixed Odds Preakness Stakes wagers at our Sportsbook Main.  If the "To Win" Track odds pay higher than your "To Win" fixed odds wager, we will honor your fixed odds wager at the track price!  (Cumulative risk amount up to $500.)

A maximum of $500 in cumulative "To Win" bets risk amount qualifies to have the extra payout credited. Players with "To Win" winning wagers for more than $500 will have the extra payout applied to cumulative bet amounts of up to $500 ONLY.

The promotion applies to Straight Wagers only.  Parlays, If-bets, and Rolling-if-bets do not qualify for the extra payout.

Only wagers made after 12:01AM ET on May 20th, 2017, and until the race's post time are eligible for this promotion.

Lines will be available on Raceday - May 20th, 2017. Get more Preakness Stakes Wagering at 5Dimes!

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