Get 20% When You Tell A Friend!

When you refer a friend to 5Dimes you may receive a free-play referral reward equal to 20% of your friends opening deposit.

Players referring multiple friends may be eligible for higher rewards.

Referral rewards must be claimed within 24 hours of your friend's initial deposit.

The maximum referral reward is $200.

A valid email address and IP record of both accounts (the referring account and the referred account) is required to apply for a Referral Reward.  To see if you qualify for a Referral Reward, please contact 5Dimes Customer Service.

**Only active accounts where total overall deposits exceed total (redemptions + current balance + pending balance) are eligible for a free-play referral reward. 

Any account that goes dormant at the time a new account is referred will be considered a bonus scheme. 

All referrals and all rewards/bonuses for any account involved in such a scheme will be deleted.

Referral rewards are intended to reward active customers for introducing "NEW" customers to 5Dimes. 

Abuse of the referral program will not be tolerated.

This promotional offer is available on internet wagers only.  5Dimes reserves the right to change or eliminate this offer at any time from any or all clients.  Pending or closed tickets will not be affected by any change in this offer.

By accepting a Reward or Promotion from 5Dimes you are confirming that you acknowledge and agree to all rules, policies and restrictions.

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