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How-to-use guide for the March Madness Brackets Feature

Welcome to March! and as we can’t wait for the madness to begin, this is our March Madness Brackets Contest.

Track your picks from Selection Sunday into the Sweet Sixteen, right thru the Elite Eight and down the road to the Final Four! Leaving two to battle for the Men's College Basketball National Title.

The NCAA basketball tournaments (men's and women's) are an American tradition that sends millions of fans from around the globe into a synchronized frenzy each year. It's this chaos that gives the tournament its March Madness moniker.

NCAA March Madness brackets allow you to follow 68 teams divided into four regions all vying for a shot at the NCAA Men's Basketball National title. More than 60 games will be played in just over three weeks of March and April. Each day of basketball action will reveal bracket busters, epic upsets, and broken Cinderella dreams.

Easy, convenient and so much fun!

To win our March Madness Bracket Contest all you need to do is pick the most winners with the point system giving more weight to later round winners. Keep reading to view the full chart below.

The March Madness Bracket feature will be available March 11th, and the day after Selection Sunday (March 11th) you will be able to start filling out and editing your brackets right until the first game of Round of 64 starts.

You can also create brackets for the Second Round, Round of 32 (March 17/18) and the Sweet 16 Round (March 22/23) only. These bracket selections will be available once the previous round is complete up until the tip-off of first game of the round. Brackets for the Elite 8 or Final Four will not be offered.

IMPORTANT! All stats are not updated in real time and they are intended to be used as a reference only. Please verify all stats before submitting your bracket.

Once a bracket is submitted and purchased, it can NOT be deleted and is NOT refundable.

Anytime, anywhere! This convenient March Madness Brackets Contest App can be used on your computer or your mobile device!

For questions, please contact Customer Service Department via Live Help.


1. Create your bracket.

Select "Create Bracket" button to start. Before each round, select your winners. Once the round starts, your picks will be locked.

1a. Every time you create a bracket it will go into the General Pool where it will compete will all created brackets in the category and prize it belongs in, if you buy a 64 round $1 bracket, it will only compete among brackets in that same category and prize. Please remember that purchased brackets can NOT be deleted and are NOT refundable.

1b. Brackets and groups only compete within the same round.
Exam: $1 General pool Round of 64 Brackets can only compete with brackets for that amount in that category.


2. Name your Bracket

Pick a unique Bracket name of up to 50 characters.

3. Choose $ Value For Your Bracket.

$1, $5, $10 & $25.

4. Join a Group (Optional).

- Select the group/pool you want to join. If you do not choose a group, your bracket will be participating in the general entry fee category ($1 pool, $5 pool, $10 pool and $25 pool).

- 5Dimes will offer several groups for all the categories that you can join.

- The groups will have a maximum of 10 brackets. Once the group is full no more brackets can join.

- A separate group fee will be charged every time one of your brackets is added to a group. Please remember that group joined brackets can NOT be deleted and are NOT refundable.

4a. Invite friends (Optional).

To create a bracket all your friends need is a 5Dimes account. Invite as many friends as you wish to join our March Madness Contest.

You can invite your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

5. Complete Your Bracket

Click to start filling out the bracket.

Every single round on the bracket needs to be completely filled to be able to be submitted. Once the Tournament begins all brackets will be locked in.

6. Choose Your Winners

From the 64 teams choose the teams you want to fill your bracket. In order to submit the bracket, it has to be fully completed.

7. Submit Your Bracket.

To submit your bracket, click the "Submit Bracket" button. Your submission will be confirmed. Please click the button only once.


Do you think you have a winning bracket and want to play it twice? You can do that.


7a. Replicate a bracket (Optional)

Do you think you have a winning bracket and want to play it twice? You can do that.

If you chose to replicate a bracket, the additional fee will be deducted from your account. You can choose any value you want in the new replicated bracket:
$1, $5, $10 & $25. Please remember that replicated brackets can NOT be deleted and are NOT refundable.


When the Division 1 - NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament concludes, brackets winners will be calculated and prizes will be awarded to the top scorers.

There are 6 rounds to the NCAA tournament, for each correct winner picked, a player is awarded points based on what round the winner is picked in The points per round increase as the tournament progresses. The chart below shows scoring by round.

Players will earn points based on correct prediction of winning teams in the Division 1 - NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament games. The number of points awarded for each correct pick of a winning game of the Tournament will increase with each round of the Tournament. A maximum of one-hundred twenty-four (124) points can be earned if all games are predicted correctly. The four (4) play-in games (the First Four), scheduled to take place prior to the First Round of the Tournament, are NOT included in the Bracket Contest.

The chart below shows scoring by round.


Scoring Points
Rounds Points Max Amount of PTS
1st Round 1 32
2nd Round 2 32
3rd Round 3 24
4th Round 4 16
5th Round 5 10
6th Round 10 10


Different groups are available for joining. Add as many brackets as you like to any of the groups, everyone is welcome to be part of any and all groups. Each group has a specific entry fee that will be charged when adding a bracket to it. At the end of the contest, 100% of the group pool prize will be awarded to the bracket with the highest score.

Available Groups & Fees

Name Fee
The Hoops $25 Fee
The Dreams $10 Fee
The Winners $5 Fee
The Fantasy $2 Fee

Special Groups for Die-Hard First Seed Fans:

Name Fee
Villanova Wildcats Fans $5 Fee
Baylor Bears Fans $5 Fee
Kansas Jayhawks Fans $5 Fee
Gonzaga Buldogs Fans $5 Fee

Available Groups Brackets for later Rounds

Once the tournament has started, you have the opportunity to create brackets at different rounds. Beside the complete bracket for the tournament, you can create a bracket from the round of 32, and even the Sweet 16 Round. These brackets will only compete among each other, meaning that if you start a bracket at Round of 16 (Sweet 16) you will only be competing against other brackets that started at the same Round.

Name Fee
All About 32 $5 Fee
Sugar Sweet 16 $5 Fee

These groups are all Public and anyone can join. The maximum brackets per group is 10 brackets. Hurry up and join the fun, claim your spot!


When the Division 1 - NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament concludes, brackets will be calculated and prizes will be awarded to the top scoring.

The pool prize will be awarded to the top scoring bracket of each bracket category or group. Pool prizes have a 100% payout and will be determined by the amount of participating brackets in the pool.

5Dimes will also offer prizes for the Perfect Bracket Winners for the Round of 64:

  • Fill out the $25 bracket, pick all 63 games correctly for a chance to win $25,000,000.
  • Fill out the $10 bracket, pick all 63 games correctly for a chance to win $10,000,000.
  • Fill out the $5 bracket, pick all 63 games correctly for a chance to win $5,000,000.
  • Fill out the $1 bracket, pick all 63 games correctly for a chance to win $1,000,000.
  • Only ONE March Madness Bracket Contest winner per category.



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