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2019 World Series Odds & Picks

Opening day is weeks away. 5Dimes’ oddsmakers have released updated odds to win the 2019 World Series.

2019 World Series Odds & Picks

Now let’s take a look at which teams are the favorites to win the 2019 World Series? Who are the contenders? Is there a longshot team you need to keep an eye on? Keep reading for answers to those questions and more.

2019 World Series Favorites

What do you do after a 100-win season and a second-place finish in the AL East? You re-sign J.A. Happ and CC Sabathia and trade for James Paxton. That’s why the New York Yankees are the favorite to win the 2019 World Series.

  • New York Yankees +600
  • Houston Astros/Boston Red Sox +650
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +815
  • Philadelphia Phillies +950

Tied for second favorites to win the 2019 world series are the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox at +650. The Astros went from 101 wins in 2017 to 103 wins in 2018. I expect that mark to go higher in 2019 as well. The 2018 Red Sox won 108 games plus the World Series with shocking ease. The third favorite Dodgers lost a second straight World Series last year, and without serious competition out of the NL West, this team will figure into October bigly.

My final pick to be a 2019 World Series betting favorite is the Philadelphia Phillies who signed 2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper to a monster off-season deal.

2019 World Series Contenders

  • Cleveland Indians +1300
  • Chicago Cubs +1350
  • Washington Nationals/St. Louis Cardinals +1500
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1725
  • Atlanta Braves +2350
  • New York Mets +2500
  • Colorado Rockies +2800
  • Oakland Athletics +3400

2019 World Series Longshots

  • Los Angeles Angels/Tampa Bay Rays +5000
  • Minnesota Twins +5250
  • Pittsburgh Pirates/San Diego Padres/Cincinnati Reds/Toronto Blue Jays +10000
  • San Francisco Giants +12500
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +13500
  • Chicago White Sox +20000
  • Seattle Mariners/Miami Marlins/Detroit Tigers/Texas Rangers +50000
  • Kansas City Royals/Baltimore Orioles +100000