5 Super Bowl LV Matchups You Want To See, 5 You Don’t

5 Super Bowl LV Matchups You Want To See, 5 You Don’t

5Dimes’ oddsmakers have released updated NFL Futures post free-agency!  The next milestone before OTA’s and preseason is the NFL draft. Until then here are the top five Super Bowl LV matchups everyone will want to see and five no one will.

5 Super Bowl LV Matchups You Want To See, 5 You Don’t

Top 5 Super Bowl LV Matchups Everyone Wants

Kansas City vs. Seattle +3850

The Chiefs have the most prolific offense in the league and just won it all behind superstar signal-caller Patrick Mahomes. While Seattle came up short of their Super Bowl hopes last season, the Seahawks have a superstar quarterback of their own in Russell Wilson that can beat any team in the league almost single-handedly. I’d love to see this quarterback matchup, plus Andy Reid’s offensive genius versus Pete Carroll’s defensive intellect would be a sight to see, plus it could happen in 2020!

Kansas City vs. San Francisco +2055

I know a repeat of most Super Bowls isn’t what football fans or betting enthusiasts normally want to see, but watching the Niners and Chiefs go at it again, would be a great thing if you ask me. Frisco’s defense had Patrick Mahomes and company on the ropes through three quarters and they could have managed their final quarter a lot better – had head coach Kyle Shanahan not blown it (again) with some pitiful play-calling. Still, this classic matchup of offense versus defense would be a sight to see for the second straight season.

Baltimore vs. Minnesota +6600

Yeah, Minnesota isn’t the most exciting team around, but Mike Zimmer has a perennially powerful defense that could cause league MVP Lamar Jackson to struggle much as he did in Baltimore’s playoff loss against Tennessee last season. Is Kirk Cousins good enough to lead any team to the Super Bowl? Who knows. Is Jackson ready to make the big postseason breakthrough after consecutive years of postseason struggles? Possibly. Either way, this classic offense vs. defense matchup looks intriguing to me.

Pittsburgh vs. New Orleans +8100

Pittsburgh managed to play some solid football a year ago without longtime franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. New Orleans suffered their third straight playoff heartbreak and time is running out on Drew Brees. Maybe it’s me, but Big Ben versus Brees in a battle of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks that are both nearing the ends of their respective careers make this one a must-see matchup for me.

Houston vs. Dallas +23000

The Battle of the Lone Star State! While it won’t feature DeAndre Hopkins, a Super Bowl LV matchup between the Texans and Cowboys will be one for the ages.

While I have no faith in Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, Houston does have a superstar in quarterback Deshaun Watson while Dallas will turn to their trio of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper in this all-Texas matchup. Sure, this pairing is not very likely to happen, but it could and the thought of seeing Jerry Jones ‘lose it’ if the Cowboys come up short against their in-state rivals is salivating.

Top 5 Super Bowl LV Matchups No One Wants

New England vs. Dallas +9900

I’m sick of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl and nor do I really want to see Jerry Jones proclaiming his franchise to still be ‘America’s Team’. This one would be hyped to no end, but if Tom Brady doesn’t return and Jones doesn’t eventually learn to step aside and let someone else by his team’s GM (he won’t) I wouldn’t expect to see this Super Bowl pairing take place.

Houston vs. Minnesota +34500

The Texans traded away DeAndre Hopkins and the Vikings traded Stefon Diggs making both teams less entertaining and dynamic. Unless both teams improve drastically, a Houston vs Minnesota Super Bowl will be a boring affair.

Tennessee vs. LA Rams +21500

I like Titans head coach Mike Vrabel and I love running back Derrick Henry. I feel the same way about LA’s Sean McDermott and the Rams’ high-scoring offense. Still. If this matchup were to take place, there’s not much star power outside of Aaron Donald. Yeah, this is a Super Bowl matchup almost everyone would pass on seeing.

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia +10400

This all-Pennsylvania matchup looks intriguing on paper, But who knows which players will be left standing by the time this game goes down. Carson Wentz and an aging Ben Roethlisberger aren’t the healthiest quarterbacks around and neither of these teams possesses much ‘star power’ in the forms of other perennial Pro Bowlers. This looks like a fun matchup on paper, but I don’t know how many people outside of Pennsylvania would watch it.

Houston vs. Chicago +36000

I’m a huge Deshaun Watson fan and I’d love to see the former Clemson star toast the Bears with a monstrous game after they foolishly took Mitch Trubisky over him in the 2017 NFL Draft. Outside of that though, this looks like a ‘boring’ matchup just waiting to happen, Bill O’Brien has underachieved if you ask me and Matt Nagy did as well after winning a dozen games in his first season two years ago. If anyone outside of Chicago or Houston watches these two square off, I’ll be completely stunned.