Bet On Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Bet On Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Why do people watch the Super Bowl besides the game? They have money on it. The half-time show. And COMMERCIALS. At 5Dimes, you can combine all of the above and bet on the game, half-time show, and Super Bowl commercials.

Bet On Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Total commercials aired during Super Bowl: 92½

  • Over: +120
  • Under: -190

Which Super Bowl car commercial will air first?

  • Hyundai +190
  • Porsche +210
  • Kia +750
  • Toyota +550
  • Audi +550

Which Super Bowl beer commercial will air first?

  • Bud Light -125
  • Budweiser +550
  • Michelob Ultra +280
  • Michelob Pure Gold +434

There’s more. Both Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg are expected to air campaign commercials. Both New Yorkers have a disdain for each other, and their dueling Super Bowl commercials are a measuring stick.

Will Trump or Bloomberg’s commercial air first?

  • Trump -310
  • Bloomberg +230

Get An Early Look At This Year’s Must See Super Bowl LIV Commercials!

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Budweiser | Typical American | 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

6 for 6-Pack | Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold | Super Bowl LIV

Doritos® | Monologue Super Bowl Teaser feat. Sam Elliott

Cheetos® | MC Hammer “Where It All Began” SUPER BOWL LIV TEASER