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The Latest Super Bowl 52 Odds

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With the 2017 NFL regular season now in the rearview mirror and the start of the annual NFL playoffs less than a week away, now is the perfect time to take a look at the most recent NFL Super Bowl 52 odds for every team in this year’s postseason. Better yet, you’re going to get one reason why you should be on – and against – every team in this year’s playoffs.

Updated Super Bowl 52 Odds

Bills 80/1

Look, there are many reasons to bet on the Bills besides good old-fashioned luck, particularly seeing as how they got lucky just to get into the playoffs.Then again, I’d probably avoid betting on Buffalo seeing as how they only have two players that could even be considered playmakers on offense.

Titans 80/1

Tennessee beat a Jacksonville team that finished inside the top five in scoring and points allowed – twice this season. Then again, the Titans lost to the awful Dolphins and barely beat the winless Browns by three points.

Panthers 30/1

The Panthers area good Super Bowl 52 bet because they can run the ball down anyone throat and have a quarterback that can change the course of a game in a single play. Then again, you may want to save your money seeing as how Cam Newton often can’t hit the floor with his hat when asked to drop back and make passes from the pocket.

Falcons 25/1

Why bet on the Falcons to win Super Bowl 52? They now have a very good defense this year that finished inside the top 10 in total defense and points allowed. The best reason to avoid betting on Matt Ryan and company is that they can choke up against anyone like they did against Buffalo and Miami this season.

Jaguars 22/1

The number one reason to bet on the Jaguars to win Super Bowl 52 is that they were phenomenal on both sides of the ball in ranking fifth in scoring and second in points allowed. Then again, the best reason to bet against them is that they have a quarterback I still believe is pretty awful in Blake Bortles.

Chiefs 22/1

The best reason to bet on Andy Reid’s team is that they can literally beat anyone like New England or Philadelphia and the best reason to bet against them is that they can apparently lose to anyone as well (Giants and Jets).

Eagles 15/1

The best reason to bet on Philly is that they have playmakers all over the field with guys like Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffrey. The best reason t bet against the Birds is that they really don’t have anyone that can get the ball to those playmakers with star quarterback Carson Wentz out of the lineup.

Rams 12/1

The best reason to bet on the Rams is that they’re pretty elite on both sides of the ball and have the league’s highest-scoring offense. The top reason to avoid betting on the Rams is that they’re really inexperienced and struggle to stop the run in a big way and Jared Goff still kind of doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.

Saints 5/1

The Saints are looking good because they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback, two game-changing running backs, an elite wide receiver and now, a really good defense. Then again, four of their five losses this season came against playoff participants (Vikings, Patriots, Rams, and Falcons).

Steelers 9/2

The best reason to bet on Pittsburgh is that the Steelers look like they can beat any team in football. Oh, my bad. I meant everyone except New England

Vikings 4/1

The Vikings have a phenomenal defense and a solid offense. Then again, the best reason to bet against the Vikings is that you just have to wonder when the old Case Keenum is going to show up.

Patriots 2/1

The best reason to bet on New England to win consecutive Super Bowl titles is that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have proven to be virtually unbeatable. The best reason to bet against the Pats is that something just seems to be a bit off about their defense, even though they finished fifth in points allowed.