NFL Week 10 Betting Cheat Sheet

NFL Week 10 Betting Cheat Sheet

There are some fantastic matchups in NFL Week 10. Every game means something from Week 10 until Week 17.

NFL Week 10 Betting Cheat Sheet

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Seattle -6.5 at Arizona
NFL Network on at 8:25 pm ET

Seattle was terrible in their 14 to 17 loss to Washington in NFL Week 9. The Seahawks can’t get their rushing attack going. It’s the offensive line. It’s not very good. Arizona played more under control than I thought they would in their understated 20 to 10 win over the San Francisco 49’ers. I’ll take the points. I don’t have much faith in the Seahawks right now.

Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017

Pittsburgh -10 at Indianapolis
CBS at 1:00 pm ET

Indianapolis has no shot of beating Pittsburgh. Do they have a shot of keeping Pitt’s offense under control? That’s not likely. The Steelers finally have a viable WR2 in JuJu Schuster-Smith. He takes pressure off the best WR in the NFL, Antonio Brown. Oh, yes, Pitt’s RB, LeVeon Bell, isn’t that bad either. The Steelers roll.

Minnesota -2 at Washington
FOX at 1:00 pm ET

Minnesota could start Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater this Sunday. Why worry? Why not stick with Case Keenum? Keenum can throw the football to Washington’s Achilles Heel on defense, good tight-ends, because he’s got one in Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings should easily cover the spread. Too much attention is being paid to Washington’s road win over Seattle in Week 9.

Cleveland at Detroit -9.5
CBS at 1:00 pm ET

I think Cleveland is the worst team in the NFL. Okay. Maybe the Giants are worse. Cleveland is a close second. In any case, it’s impossible to back the Browns at +9.5 versus Detroit, right? Nope. The Lions should win this game. But, Detroit faces a tough Cleveland defense, meaning that I’m only willing to lay 7 points on the Lions, not 9.5.

New York Jets at Tampa Bay
FOX at 1:00 pm ET

QB Jameis Winston is a question mark with a dodgy shoulder and that’s why oddsmakers haven’t released a line yet. Guess what? Back-up Ryan Fitzpatrick might be better versus the Jets than Jameis with a bum shoulder. I think the Buccaneers get back on the winning track in this game.

Green Bay at Chicago -3
FOX at 1:00 pm ET

Green Bay QB Brett Hundley should be much more comfortable in his third start than in his first or second starts. That makes Green Bay a top upset play in this. Chicago is on the right track. They still can’t beat the Packers, though.

L.A. Chargers at Jacksonville -4.5
CBS at 1:00 pm ET

I don’t believe it’s possible for the Chargers to get it going versus the best defense in the NFL. That’s right. I just wrote that. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the best defense in the NFL. If the Chargers couldn’t get their offense going versus the New England Patriots, how can they possibly get it going versus Jacksonville? They can’t.

New Orleans -2.5 at Buffalo
FOX at 1:00 pm ET

I’m surprised by this betting line. Sure, the Buffalo Bills are a decent team. However, the Bills’ head coach, Sean McDermott, fielded defenses that Saints’ QB Drew Brees picked apart with regularity when McDermott was at Carolina.

Buffalo’s offense is going to have a heck of a team versus the Saints talented defense. New Orleans should make it 7 straight wins and 7 straight ATS on Sunday.

Cincinnati at Tennessee -6
FOX at 4:05 pm ET

Cincinnati heads to Tennessee as a 6-point dog. If WR A.J. Green plays, forget it. The Bengals should beat Tennessee straight up. If Green doesn’t play, Cincinnati won’t beat Tennessee straight up. The Bengals will cover the spread, though. I predict Green doesn’t play.

Houston at L.A. Rams -10.5
CBS at 4:05 pm ET

Houston’s offense should perform better versus the L.A. Rams than it did against the Indianapolis Colts. If Houston wants to have any shot of beating the Rams, they must control the clock. The problem in this game won’t be QB Tom Savage. It’s going to be Houston’s defense, which has no shot of stopping the

Rams’ passing attack.

New York Giants at San Francisco -1
FOX at 4:25 pm ET

The Giants are better than their 17 to 51 loss to the L.A. Rams at home in Week 9 indicates. I must believe they’re better than the San Francisco 49’ers. SF is debating on whether to start QB Jimmy Garoppolo this season. They most likely won’t. I think the Giants have discovered a decent starting RB in Orleans Darkwa. Darkwa faces the worst defense in the NFL against the rush.

Dallas at Atlanta -3.5
FOX at 4:25 pm ET

The Days of Ezekiel Elliott’s Life continues as NFL handicappers have no clue what’s going on with his suspension. That won’t matter. Dak Prescott has turned into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this season. He’s been phenomenal. If Dak plays, the Cowboys are a good football team. Atlanta? The Falcons are a bad football team. I think Dallas straight up is the play here.

New England -7.5 at Denver
NBC at 8:25 pm ET

The Patriots get another bye in NFL Week 10. That’s the only way to describe how bad the Denver Broncos have become. I don’t get it. Why is Denver such a terrible football team? No, really. Why? In any case, New England rolls to a 14-point win on Sunday night.

Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Miami at Carolina -8.5
ESPN at 8:30 pm ET

I don’t believe the Panthers are capable of stringing together two fantastic performances in a row. Beating Atlanta 20 to 17 in NFL Week 9 is way more important than beating the Miami Dolphins in Week 10. Carolina should win. I don’t think they win by more than 6 to 7 points. If the line remains over 8, Miami will be my play.