Odd On Where Will Tom Brady Play in 2020?

Odd On Where Will Tom Brady Play in 2020?

Where will Tom Brady play next year? He is a free agent who made $23 million in 2019 and wants to play for three more years. But do the Bill Belichick and the Patriots want him back?

Where Will Tom Brady Play in 2020

Will the 42 year-old Brady be back at Foxboro in Patriots blue for a 21st season? Or should New England fans prepare to line up across from the greatest to ever lace them up?

New England Patriots -120

5Dimes oddsmakers have released odds on where TB12 will play in 2020 and the Patriots are the heavy favorite to retain the future 1st ballot hall of famer services. But should they. The current roster lost to the Ravens, Texans, Chiefs and Dolphins in the back half of the season and the Titans in their wildcard tilt.

Los Angeles Chargers +250

Will the Chargers replace one aging standup QB with another? Not that Phillip Rivers is in the same league as Brady but Rivers was unable to win the Super Bowl with LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates during the trio’s prime. The Chargers have all the pieces to win. Joey Bosa, Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, and Hunter Henry. Plus who else can see Brady taking the LeBron route and takes his family to the City of Angels.

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders +1000

TB12 in Raiders black and silver in Las Vegas! Remember what the Las Vegas Golden Knights did during their inaugural season? Brady as a Raider would be the hottest ticket in America’s Playground!

Indianapolis Colts +1200

I don’t see Brady going to the city that Manning built.

Minnesota Vikings +1400

The team has everything Brady will need to win. But its still Minnesota.

Retired From NFL +1500

Brady has stated he wants to play for another three years however retirement talk has swirlled around the aging super star for half a decade. Even if he retires, will he really retire or pull a Favre.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1500

Are Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and a serviceable defense enough to sign Tom Brady?

Carolina Panthers +1500

Breaking in a rookie NFL head-coach is last on Brady’s list.