Super Bowl 52 Betting Line Movement

Super Bowl 52 Betting Line Movement

The 2018 Super Bowl is less than a week away and there is one big question that football bettors have.

When should I bet on the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 52 Betting Line Movement Trends

When the official betting odds for Super Bowl 52 were released on the Sunday night following Philadelphia’s stunning 39-7 beatdown win over Minnesota, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were 5.5-point favorites to win back-to-back titles. Some books had the Super Bowl spread as high as 6.5-points.

However, since then, the line has moved slowly, but steadily toward the high-flying Eagles. By the evening of Monday, January 22nd, the spread had already dipped by half a point. Now the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots were favored by five points over the Eagles and that line held for four days at almost every sportsbook.

Two days ago though, the line moved toward the underdog Eagles to 4.5 points and that’s where it sits right now. Up to today, the Eagles are getting up to 60 percent of the spread bets versus the Pats. If more bets continue to come in on Philly, oddsmakers could be forced to shrink the Super Bowl 52 spread even further. Could it drop to 4 or even 3.5 points? That seems unlikely because the no sportsbook wants it to be cheap to buy on to 3.

On the flip side, this is the best time to bet on the Patriots. The betting trends dictate that it will take an act of God to shift the spread down further. When and if the spread does widen it will go up to as high as 5.5-points. No sportsbook in the world will offer a 6-point spread on the Super Bowl this close to kick-off. Sharps will buy that spread to a touch down in no time.

More than likely the spread will remain between 4.5-5 points. Why? The Patriots have played in seven Super Bowls during the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era and only once have they won a Super Bowl by more than four points and it took a historic comeback for that to happen.