Super Bowl 52 Odds & Betting Outlook

Super Bowl 52 Odds & Betting Outlook

With four teams remaining in the quest to win Super Bowl 52, the field is almost as narrow as it’s going to get NFL betting buffs!

Will the favored New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings win their respective conference championship clashes or are the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars and 14-win Philadelphia Eagles better choices to pull of upsets against their favored conference rivals? You’re about to get a great reason to bet on – and against – every team that is still standing in this season’s NFL playoffs.

Super Bowl Odds And Why You Should bet On – And Against – Every team!

  • Patriots -108
    If you’re thinking about backing Tom Brady and the Patriots to win it all, then there’s the fact that New England still has a potent offense that just hung 35 points on Tennessee in the divisional round and a defense that bent, but didn’t break in ranking fifth in points allowed during the regular season.
    The top reason to bet against the Pats is that they’ve probably been more vulnerable between the 20 yards lines than any Bill Belichick team we’ve ever seen. Statistically speaking, New England was awful against the pass (30th) and just slightly less competent against the run this season (20th). Oh, and there’s also the fact that the man that built the Jags this season, (Tom Coughlin) has beaten them twice in two Super Bowl meetings.
  • Vikings +228
    The best reason to bet on the Vikings to win it all is simple. They’ve got a phenomenal defense that routinely shuts down even the most high-powered offenses. Minnesota finished first in total defense, second against the run and pass and first in points allowed, so there’s that! The best reason to bet against the Vikings is that they’re not anywhere close to being ‘prolific’ offensively and needed a flat-out miracle against New Orleans this past weekend to reach the NFC title tilt, so their ‘good luck’ is probably completely used up for the rest of the postseason if you believe in stuff like that!
  • Eagles +638
    The best reason to bet on Philadelphia is that they’ve got a really good defense that even I foolishly dismissed before their NFC divisional round smackdown of Atlanta. The Birds finished fourth in total defense, first against the run and fourth in points allowed, so they can apparently shut down anyone. The bad news and best reason to bet against Philly right now is that veteran quarterback Nick Foles is mediocre at best and is certainly not going to put a whole lot of points on the board, especially against any defense he may have to face for the remainder of the postseason.
  • Jaguars +870
    As far as Jacksonville is concerned, the best reason to back the Jags is that they were pretty damned elite on both sides of the ball this season. Even though you’d never think of the Jags as ‘explosive’ offensively, they managed to finish the regular season ranked fifth in scoring, not to mention they have a phenomenal defense that ranked second in points allowed. They’ve also upset Pittsburgh and look like they could probably beat anyone after this past weekend’s performance. Conversely, the best reason to bet against Jacksonville is that they gave up a ton of points and five TD passes against the Steelers, are facing arguably the greatest quarterback in league history in the AFC Championship and have a quarterback in Blake Bortles that has been the complete definition of an underachiever for the best part of his career.

So, there you have it some reasons to bet on – and against – every team left in the NFL playoffs heading into this weekend’s conference championship matchups!