Top 2018 Super Bowl 52 Odds & Picks

Top 2018 Super Bowl 52 Odds & Picks

The NFL regular season is winding down and there are 14 viable Super Bowl 52 winning picks. While some are more viable than others, I’m going to review your best odds and picks to win Super Bowl 52.

What Are The Latest 2018 Super Bowl 52 Odds & Picks?

  • Patriots +250
  • Steelers +550
  • Vikings +600
  • Saints +1150
  • Eagles +1250
  • Rams +1800
  • Jags +1900
  • Falcons +2000
  • Seahawks +2300
  • Chargers +2500
  • Panthers +2500
  • Chiefs +3250
  • Packers +4000
  • Ravens +4800

The 2018 Super Bowl 52 Betting Favorite: New England Patriots +250 

All the Patriots do is win football games. That’s not the whole story. The Patriots’ defense has become one of the best units in the NFL. The Pats have the thirtieth ranked defense in the NFL based on yards allowed per game. Based on that stat, the Pats are a terrible play at +250. But, based on the only defensive stat that matters, New England looks awfully difficult to beat.

The Patriots allow less than 19 points per game on average. The average includes giving up 42 points to Kansas City, 33 to Carolina, and 33 to Houston in 3 out of their first 4 games. New England’s defense is very good.

Although the Patriots have Tom Brady at QB and a good defense, they’re a massive underlay at +250. No team in the NFL this season are good enough to offer such low odds to win Super Bowl 52.

The Smart Pick To Win Super Bowl 52:  New Orleans Saints +1150 

The Saints have lost two out of their last three. The rest of their schedule implies that they should end the season at 12 and 4. If that happens, New Orleans might garner a bye before the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

That’s one of the reasons to like the Saints. The other is that their coach, Sean Payton, and quarterback, Drew Brees, have already won a Super Bowl. Experience means something in the NFL. The Saints have experience in the two most important areas, coaching and quarterback.

If that wasn’t enough, New Orleans has the best rushing attack in the NFL. If the Saints get the bye, it’s going to be awfully tough for any team in the NFC to beat them in the postseason.

The Longshot Pick To Win: L.A. Chargers +2500

No team is hotter in the NFL than the L.A. Chargers. After starting the season going 0 and 4, the Chargers have since won 7 of their last 9. The lone losses have been 13 to 21 to the New England Patriots and 17 to 20 to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Bolts allow 17.3 points a game. They score 22.9 points per. Oh, yes. It also helps that going into Week 15 veteran QB Philip Rivers has secured 4 straight QB ratings of 100 or better.