Who Do You Want To See In Super Bowl 54?

Who Do You Want To See In Super Bowl 54?

The elite eight NFL teams remain in the hunt for Super Bowl 54 and 5Dimes oddsmakers have updated odds on what matchup we will see for Super Bowl 54. The top choice is the Ravens vs 49ers and the Texans vs Vikings is the least likely.

Who Do You Want To See In Super Bowl 54?

Super Bowl LIV Matchup Odds

  • Ravens vs 49ers +257
  • Chiefs vs 49ers +509
  • Ravens vs Packers +513
  • Ravens vs Seahawks +875
  • Chiefs vs Packers +945
  • Titans vs Vikings +1120
  • Ravens vs Vikings +1255
  • Chiefs vs Seahawks +1565
  • Chiefs vs Vikings +2215
  • Titans vs 49ers +2850
  • Texans vs 49ers +2975
  • Titans vs Packers +4975
  • Texans vs Packers +5200
  • Titans vs Seahawks +8000
  • Texans vs Seahawks +8300
  • Texans vs Vikings +11700

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for each possible Super Bowl 54 matchup.

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers +257

The Niners threw everything they had at Baltimore in their Week 13 road dates against the Ravens, but Frisco came up just short in their 20-17 loss that day while getting limited to just three second half points and none in the fourth quarter.

Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers +509

The Niners have an elite defense and they finished a stunning second in scoring (29.9 ppg), but quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo clearly isn’t in the same class of elite signal-callers as Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs can score the ball too (28.2 ppg, 5th) and they caught fire late in the regular season after coming up one play short of reaching last season’s Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers +513

The Packers field a top ten defense, but Green Bay struggled to score this season in ranking 15th in scoring. Not only will the Packers struggle – like everyone else – to stop Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson, but they also won;t be able to keep pace with the league’s highest scoring offense.

Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks +875

Seattle has its own superstar quarterback in Russell Wilson and they definitely have a huge edge in postseason experience. However, Seattle’s defense has been lackluster on far too many occasions this season and that just doesn’t bode well if they have to face Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers +945

The Chiefs have the statistical edge on both sides of the ball, not to mention the fact that Patrick Mahomes is now better than Aaron Rodgers. Andy Reid out-coaches counterpart Matt LaFleur if these two meet in Super Bowl 54.

Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota Vikings +1120

The Titans have a powerful rushing attack and quarterback Ryan Tannehill has elevated their offense with some eye-opening play since becoming the starter in Tennessee. Still, Minnesota has the edge defensively, their own star running back in Dalvin Cook and the slight edge at quarterback after Kirk Cousins showed some serious fortitude in the wild card round.

Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikings +1255

Minnesota’s stingy defense could potentially force Lamar Jackson to struggle after shutting down the legendary Drew Brees in their wild card opener. However, Baltimore’s defense will also get after Kirk Cousins and if this matchup comes down to quarterback play, 99 percent of football fans are going to back Lamar Jackson if these two teams meet in Super Bowl 54.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks +1565

The Chiefs have the edge on both sides of the ball and a big edge in talent at the skill positions. Russell Wilson has been an absolute magician all season long, but Seattle’s inconsistent defense just won;t be able to stop the Chiefs from scoring early and often in this potential Super Bowl matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings +2215

Minnesota has a defense capable of making anyone struggle, but stopping Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City’s high-powered offense is a tall task fro anyone. If Kirk Cousins comes to play, the Vikings could make a game out of this potential matchup, but in the end, Minnesota’s lack of big play scoring ability will cause them to come up just short.

Tennessee Titans vs San Francisco 49ers +2850

The Titans won their playoff opener against New England, but Ryan Tannehill was mediocre at best, particularly in the second half. Frisco’s stout defense, combined with their underrated offense will be more than enough to lead them to the emphatic win if these two reach Super Bowl 54.

Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers +2975

Houston allowed more points per game than they averaged this season while relying far too much on Deshaun Watson to make plays and that just won’t cut it against a well-balanced 49ers team in this potential matchup.

Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers +4975

If the Packers can’t stop Derrick Henry they could very well fall to Tennessee in this possible Super Bowl matchup. However, I think the likely scenario if these two meet up is that Aaron Rodgers out-duels Ryan Tannehill late to led Green Bay to the Super Bowl win.

Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers +5200

Deshaun Watson is now better than Aaron Rodgers, but as previously mentioned, Houston has been wildly inconsistent in giving up 24.1 points per contest while averaging 23.6 points per game. Still, the Texans could get the upset here simply because the Texans can apparently beat – and lose – to anyone.

Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks +8000

Tennessee has the statistical edge defensively and they have a powerful rushing attack, but there’s no way I’m going against Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the rest of the battle-tested Seahawks if these two teams reach Super Bowl 54.

Houston Texans vs Seattle Seahawks +8300

Houston and Seattle are eerily identical in the fact that they are both mediocre defensively and rely far too heavily on their superstar quarterbacks to get it done on offense. In the end, experience – and Russell Wilson – will be too much for the Texans to handle!

Houston Texans vs Minnesota Vikings +11700

If Minnesota’s stout defense can shut down Drew Brees and the explosive Saints like they did in their wild card road upset, then they could definitely put the clamps on Houston’s Deshaun Watson and a Texan offense that lacks playmakers outside of superstar wide receiver Deandre Hopkins. The balanced Vikings will get the emphatic win if they face Houston in Super Bowl 54.