The Wildest Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets Dilly Dilly!

The Wildest Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets Dilly Dilly!

With Super Bowl 52 is a few days away, this fun-filled look at some of the wildest and craziest online Super Bowl betting prop odds on the board for this year’s title tilt will both inform and entertain. From Donald Trump-related prop odds to national anthem and player protest prop odds here is a look at 10 of the wildest props odds there are for Super Bowl 52.

The Wildest Must Bet Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets

Philadelphia Eagles (15-3) vs. New England Patriots (15-3) 
When: Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM ET 
Where: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Spread: New England -4.5
Over/Under: 48.5 
Stream: NBC Sports Live

  • "Dilly" said over 12?? times -350
    "Dilly" said under 12?? times +250

    Budweiser released a new commercial for Eagles fans everywhere that says “Philly, Philly”. Their “Dilly” commercial should get plenty of air time, making the Over 12 times a near-lock in my mind!
  • G. Bundchen shown on TV over 1?? times +125
    G. Bundchen shown on TV under 1?? times -165

    The Brazilian supermodel and Tom Brady’s wife will be shown on television at least two times. Bank on it!
  • Peyton appears in over 2?? commercials -115
    Peyton appears in under 2?? commercials -125

    Manning represents Nike, Papa John’s, Nationwide, DirecTV and Gatorade. This one’s a lock! Take the Over!
  • "Wardrobe Malfunction" said ov 1?? times +405
    "Wardrobe Malfunction" said un 1?? times -615

    The last thing the NFL wants to do is remind everyone of one of its most infamous broadcasts. I’m thinking its gets mentioned just once, making this a very difficult pick!
  • Nipplegate mentioned during game +1000
    Nipplegate not mentioned during game -2000

    Rumors are that Justin Timberlake’s halftime show will have a delay after his and Janet Jackson’s nipple gate a few years ago, this is as sure as a bet as it gets. YES.
  • Rocky statue shown over 1 time +145
    Rocky statue shown under 1 time -185

    The Rocky statue gets shown at least two times, simply because the Eagles are underdogs that are reveling in that role this postseason.
  • D. McNabb SB 39 vomiting mentioned +210
    D. McNabb SB 39 vomiting not mentioned -290

    With the Pats and Birds staging a rematch of their Super Bowl 39 pairing, there’s almost no way that McNabb’s upchucking ways don’t get mentioned.
  • "40" quoted as Brady’s age ov 1?? times -380
    "40" quoted as Brady’s age un 1?? times +260

    There’s almost no way that the repetitive Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth don’t repeat Brady’s age at least three or four times.
  • Sexy Back is first song at half +550
    Any other Timberlake song first at half -999999

    Timberlake can ‘bring back’ anything he wants as long as its not anyone’s nipple! +550 for sexy back is a good bet. It could happen!
  • Trump tweets on February 4th over 5?? +115
    Trump tweets on February 4th under 5?? -155

    President Trump won’t be donig the customary pre Super Bowl interview that the last few presidents have done, that means he will be tweeting. But will he tweet more than 5 times on Super Bowl Sunday?