2019 Stanley Cup Odds & Betting Tiers

2019 Stanley Cup Odds & Betting Tiers

The 2019 Stanley Cup Final is months away, but as we approach the mid-season, it is the perfect time to rank every team’s chances at the Cup.

The Top Picks To Win The 2019 Stanley Cup

  • Tampa Bay Lightning +400
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +550
  • Winnipeg Jets +825
  • Nashville Predators +1000
  • Calgary Flames +1125

2019 boasts Canada’s best odds at winning the Stanley Cup since 1993 when Montreal beat Los Angeles. Can Toronto, Winnipeg, or Calgary quench Canada’s Cup thirst? Tampa Bay and Nashville, two of the most improbable hockey cities, can foil a nation’s dreams. Both have talent, depth and playoff experience.

The Contenders To Win The Stanley Cup

  • San Jose Sharks +1450
  • Washington Capitals +1500
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1850
  • Vegas Golden Knights +2000

Washington and Pittsburgh both have won the Stanley Cup. Vegas was last season’s Cinderella squad making it to the Stanley Cup finals in its inaugural season. The Golden Knights eventually lost to the aforementioned Caps but not before setting the entertainment standard for all professional teams. The Penguins won the previous two Stanley Cups beating San Jose in the 2016 finals. There is no substitute for playoff experience.

So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

  • Columbus Blue Jackets +2200
  • Boston Bruins +2350
  • Colorado Avalanche +2500
  • Buffalo Sabres +2650
  • Dallas Stars +3250
  • New York Islanders +3500
  • Anaheim Ducks +3750
  • Montreal Canadiens +4250
  • Edmonton Oilers +4250

Hockey is a sport where lucky bounces and winning streaks can change the fortunes of any team. Last season it was Winnipeg and Vegas who defied the odds to make deep playoff runs. Which mid-tier squad has a shot at being this season’s feel-good playoff team?

Longshot Stanley Cup Picks

  • Minnesota Wild +4500
  • Vancouver Canucks +5000
  • New York Rangers +7000
  • St. Louis Blues +7750
  • Carolina Hurricanes +8250
  • Arizona Coyotes +8500
  • Florida Panthers +8500
  • Philadelphia Flyers +8750
  • Ottawa Senators +10000
  • New Jersey Devils +10000
  • Chicago Blackhawks +10000
  • Los Angeles Kings +10000
  • Detroit Red Wings +10000