Bold NHL Futures Betting Predictions

Bold NHL Futures Predictions

The 2019 NHL season is on the horizon and if you are betting on NHL futures read my bold 2019-20 NHL futures predictions first.

Bold NHL Futures Betting Predictions

Don’t Bet On The Tampa Bay Lightning To Win the Eastern Conference…

The Tampa Bay Lightning dominated last season. They were so formidable that even on sunny days, the rest of the NHL had to watch out for thunderbolts. But, Tampa’s Lightning became a Naked and Afraid like fire starter spark in the playoffs. That can work on a team’s mind, which is why Tampa’s a bad bet to win the deep Eastern Conference.

…And Don’t Bet On Toronto Maple Leafs To Win the East…

Can anyone help but not dream of pancakes every time they see the Leafs’ logo? Just like the syrup made from their moniker, Toronto will slip away in the playoffs this season. Toronto lost too much during the offseason while, we’re repeating here, the East is deep. Leafs and Lightning bow out early in the postseason just like they did in 2018-2019.

…And Pass On The Boston Bruins

Boston, you say? Sure, they’re a contender, but let’s be real for a moment. The Bruins knocked out Toronto and then skated past Columbus and Carolina. Both those squads are decent, not great, which means if they face the team that will win the Eastern Conference this season in the playoffs, they’ll get smashed like so many tiny piles of Boston baked beans under a pint of Sam Adams from a beer drinker who doesn’t understand how to play Candy Crush.

Back The Caps If You Are Picking An Eastern Conference Winner

Nancy might be after Donny with the impeachment talk, but no fan will want to send the Caps scurrying for cover this season. Washington’s three most important players, Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Ovechkin, and Braden Holtby are all over 30.

The elder Capitals statesmen can still play some ball, though, which means the 2017-2018 Lord Stanley subjects can get it done again. Plus, they play in the calmer Metropolitan than the three-deep Atlantic.

Bet On The Calgary Flames To Engulf The Rest Of The West

The Calgary Flames will surprise the entire West and come out on top. Yes, Calgary bowed out of the playoffs without a fight last year. But they got tougher with the addition of Milan Lucic. If the Flames front office can sign Matthew Tkachuk in a timely manner, they will have the core team that made up the best team in the Western Conference and tied the Sharks for the second-most goals scored.